Mission and Values

Core Principles

Georges' practice involves several key principles that ensure you get the best representation from start to finish. These are:

Clear and Complete Legal Advice

Georges makes sure that you understand criminal procedure, the law, and all the advice you receive every step of the way. That means knowing about your worst case scenario, your best case scenario, your defences, and your best legal strategy. Georges will never recommend you plead guilty to “get it over with” when you can beat the charge, or that you can beat the charge when the case is hopeless. Georges will always give you the straight, clear, and honest advice – and figure out the best strategy from there.

Proactive Approach

Georges begins to work your case and fight for you on day one. Georges will never take on a case, then simply sit on it for months without doing anything while you keep wondering what's going on. Working the case from day one guarantees that Georges can get you the best possible result in the end.


Georges strives to return all phone calls and emails within 24 hours, and usually sooner. One of the most common complaints people have about their lawyers is that “they never return any of my calls”. Georges keeps a limited client list to ensure he has time for each and every client, so each client gets the attention their case needs and deserves.

Sound and Complete Legal Strategy

There are many approaches to defending criminal cases. A single strategy can limit the effectiveness of a legal defence. Georges always defends your case using every strategy available, and plans ahead for all possible twists and turns of the case.