What are the possible outcomes to criminal charges?

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Many people accused of a crime have no idea what the possible outcomes could be to the accusation. That kind of uncertainty can be very scary, apart from the basic fear of punishment or collateral consequences (e.g. employment) that comes with being prosecuted. Below is the full list of outcomes in the Canadian criminal system. … Read More

Can I look up criminal cases online in BC?

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In BC, we have an online system that tracks criminal and traffic cases in provincial court. It also tracks superior court civil cases and appeal cases. You can find this by Googling “Court Services Online”. For criminal cases, click on “search traffic/criminal” then enter the name of the person you want to search. What information … Read More

The police took my stuff, can I get it back?

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When the police suspect someone of criminal activity, it’s common for them to obtain search warrants to search the suspect’s home, car, or other storage sites. When they do this, they’ll often seize many items. Sometimes, the suspect doesn’t get charged with a crime, or at least they’re not charged yet but the police are … Read More

Who is the best criminal lawyer in BC?

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The question “who is the best criminal lawyer?” is one that anybody accused of a crime would want to know the answer to. Unfortunately, there’s no easy and simple answer to the question. It’s a bit like asking “who’s the best hairstylist in town?”. There’s definitely bad hairstylists and good ones, but there’s too many … Read More

Maybe Human Rights Tribunals Aren’t So Crazy After All

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In 2016, University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson became embroiled in a controversy because he publicly proclaimed that he wouldn’t use his students’ preferred pronouns. The issue of preferred pronouns has become more important lately, especially for predominantly progressive university students, as it’s considered a part of improving lives for gender non-conforming people. At … Read More

How Jian Ghomeshi Changed Canadian Criminal Law

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Background Jian Ghomeshi was the popular host of the CBC Radio One show Q. He became embroiled in a series of allegations of sexual abuse and sexual harassment which culminated in a high-profile sexual assault trial. For most Canadians, the story began in October of 2014, when Ghomeshi wrote a lengthy Facebook post explaining that … Read More