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Georges Prat Law is based in the Marine Building in the heart of Vancouver. Georges offers legal services for wide-ranging criminal matters serving all courthouses in the Lower Mainland. His key qualities are professionalism, passion, and perfectionism to achieve top results for his clients.

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Georges Prat

Georges is a sole practitioner criminal defence lawyer. He represents clients in all courthouses in the Lower Mainland, but especially Vancouver, Richmond, North Vancouver, Port Coquitlam, Surrey, and New Westminster.

Georges earned his BSc in Biology from the University of British Columbia. After, he got his law degree from Cardiff University, graduating with first class honours in Criminal Law. During law school, he won the second year mooting (i.e. legal debate) competition in the Supreme Court of the UK, judged by one of the Supreme Court justices. In his third year Georges managed the mooting program as “Master of the Moots”.

Georges articled with Alexander Ejsmont, an experienced defence lawyer who originally practised in Toronto. While articling, he also worked closely with Gloria Ng, an experienced trial lawyer based out of Vancouver. He continues to work with Gloria on selected cases.

Georges’ practice is based on several core values to ensure all his client’s needs are met. He works every case proactively and thoroughly to always achieve the best possible result.


1. Georges keeps his clients fully informed every step of the way, so they always know where they stand and can make the most informed decisions possible about their defence;

2. Georges strives to maintain a policy of returning calls and communications within 24 hours;

3. Georges maintains a compact client list to ensure that each case, no matter how small, gets the attention it deserves.