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Bail Hearings

Bail means being released from jail while you're accused of a crime.

Criminal Harassment

Criminal Harassment is the legal term for "stalking".

Fraud and Theft

Frauds and thefts are the most common property offences.

Uttering Threats

Uttering threats is the use of menacing words or gestures to intimidate.


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Georges Prat is located in Vancouver BC

Based in the Marine Building in the heart of Vancouver, Georges Prat Law offers legal services for wide-ranging criminal matters. Georges serves all courthouses in the Lower Mainland and prides himself on professionalism, passion, and perfectionism to achieve top results for his clients.

Vancouver Criminal Defence Lawyer Georges Prat

"I would refer any close friends or family in need of legal consult to Georges. He promptly and professionally guided me through the legal process, made me feel confortable and informed while ultimately getting potential assault charges off my back. Thank you again Georges."

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